It is the new age of insurance exchanges. Tens of millions of Americans will shop the Obamacare state health insurance exchanges looking to secure health insurance moving forward. Bringing online insurance exchange shopping to a whole new level of use, practice and acceptance.

Insurance Exchanges Benefit the Savvy Consumer

Insurance exchanges provide consumers a comparative shopping format with the speed and convenience of an online marketplace. People have been going on-line to shop insurance for years. Over time with improved technology, refinement and expansion to numerous insurance carriers offering an array of insurance products in a competitive format in multiple states and territories it has matured into today's insurance exchanges. Insurance companies competing side-by-side for your business can only be a good thing. The consumer has the added convenience of all this industry information at their finger tips from their personal computing device on their schedule with 24/7 access. What is not to like...unless you miss that high pressured sales agent camping in your living room trying to sell you his sole insurance company's plan!

Insurance Exchanges Evolved with Ecommerce

The many successful private market insurance agencies that built insurance marketing websites blazed the trail selling auto, life and health insurance among others online. Their pioneering work evolved into this new future of insurance exchanges. The advancement of online technology and capability and online shopping acceptance have led to the 21st century Obamacare health insurance exchange for all 50 states! These complex exchanges will be capable of coordinating information from the various qualifing Federal and State government departments and agencies while handling hundreds of insurance plans to present for comparative analysis while also applying instant tax credit subsidies to millions! It should be quite a technology marvel once operating as envisioned.

State Health Insurance Exchanges of the Affordable Care Act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or Obamacare offers health insurance exchanges for both the individual market and Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) market for each of the states. An attractive benefit exclusive to state insurance exchanges is the tax credit subsidies that are available in accordance with the PPACA eligibility.

Private Health Insurance Exchanges

Many people prefer to give the government as little private or personal information as possible but if you qualify for instant tax credits subsidies or Medicaid expansion (and want to cash in) it is the only option to qualify and receive those benefits as they are not available outside the Obamacare insurance exchanges. Americans with household income over 400% of the federal poverty level (FPL) do not qualify for Obamacare subsidies. All Americans still have the option to shop health insurance in the Obamacare exchange marketplace and compare it to private health insurance exchange offerings to find the best or right deal. The private marketplace may offer more variety in health plans and provider networks, prices will obviously be a factor. The health insurance reforms and consumer protections like "essential health benefits", standardized plan benefit levels, guaranteed issue, no annual or life-time caps are included in all health insurance sold inside or outside the Obamacare Marketplace in the USA beginning January 1, 2014 .

Shop Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Home Insurance...

The private insurance exchanges now offer the old school online shopping with more advanced systems at a much grander scale! The insurance company pioneers now get to compete against one another for the consumers' business. Giving the consumer a bigger selection of both carriers and plans to compare and choose from all competing with one another in a select marketplace! This is the essence of insurance exchanges. Private market insurance exchanges can offer a deverse selection of insurance products such as auto, life, home, renters, and other insurance types. Consumers can now shop insurance at their convenience, from their personal computing device using the competitive and comparative shopping leverage of consumer friendly insurance exchanges.